[Engineering and Technical Support]

Aerospace Engineering and Support independently has the capability to provide engineering services to design, develop, manufacture, test and evaluate aircraft parts, systems, and equipment. Also as a member of a joint venture consortium identified as Aerospace Engineering Spectrum (AES) has a 5 year "Call" type contract that can be utilized by almost any Government agency for engineering services or tasks.

Specifically, AES has the ability to:

  • Perform all types of analyses and studies including Reliability, Maintainability and Deployability (R&M), technology insertion, finite element and damage tolerance analysis, and problem identification.
  • Employ CAD packages such as: Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Gibbs, and support for numerous drawing file formats.
  • Perform electrical and electronic circuit and control simulations using several professional software packages.
  • Prototype electrical and electronic designs using the facilities in the electronic fabrication laboratories of AES.
  • Perform test in the electronic laboratories of AES for electromechanical effects testing, and electronic calibration.
  • Develop full re-procurement documentation packages per MIL-T-31000 and MIL-STD-100.
  • Develop operational, maintenance and illustrated parts breakdown technical manuals.

United State Government

  • Technical Data Preparation
  • Engineering Support
  • Studies / Analysis
  • Kit Assembly
  • Manufacture Parts and Equipment
  • Equipment Repair and Overhaul
  • Aircraft and Equipment Modification
  • Reverse Engineering for Obsolete or Non Procurable Parts

Foreign Government

  • Acquisition of Parts / Material
  • Pre-procurement Inspection
  • Research
  • Consultation
  • Special Program Support
  • Quality Engineering

Prime Contractors

  • Aircraft and Missile Technical Manuals
  • Time Compliance Technical Orders
  • Trial Installation of Mod Kits
  • Kit Proof Support of Mods
  • Bid Proposals
  • Consultation
  • Modification Management