[Technical Manuals, Drawings, and Data]

We have an outstanding technical writing and publishing capability. New manuals and manual changes can be prepared in minimum time to MIL Standards or Commercial Requirements.

AES has had several contracts to manage, update and maintain various series of Technical Orders (TO's) and manuals for the Government. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Providing changes/revisions and supplements that are made to the text, illustrations, drawings and schematics in the manuals.
  2. Incorporation of Operational, Safety and Technical Order Page Supplements.
  3. Purging of obsolete data.
  4. Replacement of pages that have been lost, damaged, or are not adequate for copy.
  5. Preparation of Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs).
  6. Security of the Government-furnished data/material and protection of classified data.
We also develope data and drawings associated with new and modified equipment that satisfy the requirements of the DOD and MIL Standards.